While it’s impossible to list every scenario we’ve handled for our customers, some of the most common solutions we provide are:

    • Managed Disaster Recovery Services – Deployed backup solutions, monitoring for regular backups, and recovering data from those backups when needed. We’ve also recovered data where the server AND the onsite backup was flooded, proving once again everyone needs to have an offsite backup plan.


    • Tier 2 support for your IT staff – Sometimes a company has dedicated IT personnel that just needs occasional assistance, or a particular skill set not available in-house. We provide as-needed or quarterly/annually contracted services to fill those needs.


    • Managed Infrastructure – Some customers want a single vendor to handle all their IT support, as well as server administration, hosting, website, email, phones, and CCTV systems. We fit in quite nicely and are able to create a support package to handle all these needs, so your company can focus on what’s important…generating revenue. Our goal is to keep things simple and make your life easier by lowering the barriers to your success.


    • Remote Access for employees – Sometimes it’s beneficial for employees to work away from the office, such as when they are traveling, out the office for an extended period of time, or simply between visits with customers. Remote Access VPNs provide secure connectivity between the remote user, and your IT resources providing flexibility to your staff with the benefit of higher productivity.


    • Wifi deployments – Wifi can be challenging to deploy in some environments. Construction materials, road traffic, nearby Wifi routers, microwaves, large equipment or trucks, all can interfere with the operation of your wifi network. We can assess and determine the best solution for your particular location, and provide a much better quality of service than simply buying a consumer grade access point from a retail store and plugging it in. Sometimes the cheapest short term solution becomes the most costly long term solution due to the constant issues, and need to acquire professional services to troubleshoot and correct the problem.


    • Equipment evaluation and procurement – Every business has different needs at different times in their business life. For instance, when you are just starting your business you’re probably inclined to dart over to EBay or Amazon to search for the cheapest equipment you can find to get your doors open. While this can work, more often than not we see this approach quickly come back to bite you and ruin your customer’s “first impression” of your business. We’ve seen new employees become frustrated with low cost/low end hardware, and then express that frustration in front of their customer, not realizing the first time someone does business with you is the most critically important time to IMPRESS them. Repeat business is essential for growing businesses, and by buying low, you could be hurting your chances of survival. We have decades of experience finding the right solution at the right time for our customers. We know where you can save money, and where you shouldn’t. Some things can be upgraded later when the business is flourishing, and other things are just as important as keeping the lights on your sales floor. You can trust us to manage your product procurement because we always seek the best price, from reputable sources, and know exactly where and how to save you money, and where you shouldn’t try to skimp because it will almost always cost you more down the road in lost productivity, poor customer interactions, and negative feedback on social media platforms. Our experience in this area is why customers choose SPS over local retail stores and Internet purchases for their equipment needs. They quickly learn we have their best interest in mind and trust that we are looking out for their business needs.


    • Risk Management – Decades of experience in the IT field has taught us how to identify various types of risks in different types of businesses. As a Managed Services customer, we always integrate that knowledge into your company and make incremental improvements over time to continually reduce your risks from things like viruses, fraud, system abuse, employee theft, or intellectual property abuses. We educate your employees on the do’s and don’ts of email, social media, and Internet usage while utilizing your company resources. Our company is unique in the way we handle your business, treating your property, employees, and customers as if they were our own. Our success is tied to YOUR success, so all of our activities keep that sentiment in mind.


What kind of challenge can you bring us? We’re eager to hear from you.